Thursday, September 22, 2005

Goodies!!! Internet Explorer Toolbar for developer

Internet Explorer Toolbar for Developers

Are you a web developer?

You know, the future of our development is the tool to be highly productive and competitive.
If you agree with me, I am happy to share you a great tool for our developer which is very useful for tracing the html codes behind the web pages.

Just check it here for download.

After installing it, open the internet explorer and go and check the View menu >> Toolbars >> Developer Toolbar. Then have fun. (

Monday, September 19, 2005

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) ???

Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

Have you heard about LINQ which is included in coming C# Version 3 release?
It’s really exciting to know that because it will really change the way of our coding style with the database application. C# 3 is going to allow writing the SQL query syntax in C# language itself and you can handle your entire data list in the way of SQL query style. That’s really cool. Just check it out for more detail here


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cool Microsoft Visual Source Safe Web Interface

Are you a user of Microsoft VSS 6? If so, you might sometimes feel that VSS is able to work only at the office LAN environment and

it’s really a big limitation for the ones who want to work at home smartly or who are away from office.

For this potential barrier, ComponentWorkshop produced the VSS Web Interface and it can be able to work through internet.

That is really nice and cool one.

Just check it here.



Monday, July 18, 2005

MSF For CMMI process improvement...

Microsoft released the process how the coming VS.Net 2005 studio Team system can be applied in the CMMI level organizations...Although the organization is not CMMI one, it can also practice the best software development practices by using MSF model and VS.Net 2005 team system. This process work flows and explanation are explained in the following download.
Just download it and have fun. :)